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Tree planting and climate change sensitisation project.

This is a project that seeks to raise awareness on climate change among pupils and students from as young as upper primary schools to senior high schools. There will be a platform for dialogue to practically consider the actions that young people can realistically achieve and the room created for young people who want to be mentored to do more with their passion and the resources available at AfEI.
This project would;

  1. Raise awareness among a targeted number of 3000 pupils and students per year from 2022 to 2024.
  2. Plant a minimum of 1000 trees per year – for demonstration purposes and increasing the carbon sink.
  3. Mentor 10 students and pupils per year on specific climate change related goals per year

Digital Drive

The internet has an immense ability to reach people in a targeted and/or disjointed fashion. This project focuses on creating virtual content both for a targeted audience and for our general following.

  1. Creating awareness on beautiful natural climates in Ghana and Africa, while advocating for the protection of these spaces.
  2. Raising awareness on climate change in general by bringing the facts and figures of climate change to our following.
  3. Campaigning for the Atewa Forest/Achimota Forest to be reserved in it’s fullness and a section of the forest developed into an eco field by the year 2030. This will be achieved through signing petitions and direct engagement with stakeholders.

Most of our online campaigns will be measured with data analytics obtained in relation to the advocacy activities on the various websites used.

3. Climate Change Adaptation Project
This project is by far an extension of the “Smart Agriculture and Water Wife project” from 2017.

We will be developing demonstration fields to practically engage farmers on realistic but green indigenous technologies in farming that are ecologically friendly, would improve soil quality and provide a positive environment for soil micro organisms while increasing farmer’s yields.

  • Quality soil developing intercropping techniques
  • Recycling plastic materials into low cost drip irrigation technology for subsisting farmers.
  • Farmer controlled natural regeneration.

Target: 500 farmer’s in the Eastern, Volta and northern regions each in 2022/2023 fiscal year.

Green Communities

This project is a pilot project to create community parks in collaboration with local communities. The purpose of having the respective communities collaborate is for them to own the project and have a history that they resonate with.
These community green spaces/parks will serve as;

  • Play grounds for children and young people
  • A safe space where positive connections are fostered
  •  A space where green plants are nurtured to maintain a high carbon buffer.
  •  A safe space for community gatherings.

Aim: To build the first project in 2023 at Akwamu/Akosombo and replicate a single project each year until 2025.

Community forest gardens

This project has a great potential of creating an environment for natural forest environments to be maintained, redeveloped and nurtured. This will be a project that would again be collaboratively implemented to make communities own it.
Two community forest’s will be adopted each calendar year and nurtured, maintained or redeveloped by planting trees, protecting already established species and creating a protective cover against poachers.
Through this project we will establish a minimum on 4000 trees annually.

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