Ghana River Frog

Ghana River Frog

Phrynobatrachus ghanensis

Kindom Animalia        Phylum Chordata      Class    Amphibia

Order Anura     Family Phrynobatrachidae     Genus Phrynobatrachus

Listed as Near Threatened as the species is close to qualifying for Vulnerable under B2ab(iii) because of its estimated area of occupancy (AOO) of 2,000-2,500 km2, the ongoing decline in the quality and extent of its habitat, which is thought to divide the species into eleven or fewer threat-defined locations.

The species is endemic the heavily fragmented forest region of southwestern Ghana and southeastern Côte d’Ivoire. In Ghana, it is found within six localities, thus: Kakum National Park, Boi-Tano Forest Reserve, Bobiri Forest Reserve, Atewa Forest Reserve, Draw River Forest Reserve and the Ankasa Conservation Area.

Few of its specimens are known and it is a very inconspicuous forest floor species, and probably often overlooked. The population is thought to be declining due to the threats to its habitat.

This species is usually found on the floor of swampy primary rainforest, but it has also been found at the edge of small temporary pools in bamboo forest and close to forest edge. It reproduces by larval development in small puddles in the leaf litter at the edge of the swamps.

In Ghana, mining activities such those undertaken in the Atewa Forest Reserve is a threat to this species. Road construction for the transport of the resources is causing the destruction of the habitat.

Kakum National Park, Boi-Tano, Bobiri, Atewa, and the Ankasa Conservation Area which are designated as protected areas have been an indirect conservation action in protecting these species.

Source: IUCN