Farmer-based Climate Adaptation Project (FCAP)

Farmer-based Climate Adaptation Project (FCAP)

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Farmer-based Climate Adaptation Project (FCAP)


Agriculture is critical to Africa and specifically, Ghana’s growth and development, but climate change could destabilize local markets, curb economic growth, and heighten risk for agricultural investors.

Climate change is expected to make agricultural development in Africa more challenging. Weather patterns are becoming less favourable in many instances, increasing the volatility of crop and livestock yields. The frequency and/or severity of extreme events is increasing as temperatures are projected to continue rising, and rainfall patterns are expected to shift more than they have already. It is important to note that the average farmer in Ghana depends 100% on natural rainfall and would not have any yields should the rain fail.

Alliance for Environmental Intervention is therefore running a series of annually planned, strategised and improved locally accessible adaptation technology dissemination to help farmers improve on yields in the face of the challenging environmental/climatic changes and unpredictability.

These are not entirely new technologies, however, the knowledge and understanding to combine and access their effectiveness in specific climates is what has necessitated this project to develop/produce with efficiency, demonstration fields in the same uncontrolled climatic conditions. Farmers will be taken through:

  1. Farmer managed regenerative systems that improves the quality of the soils. -mulching with household waste and other biomass and intercropping.
  2. Use of quality and adaptive seeds.
  3. Irrigation with cheap and locally available resources (Recycling of plastic materials)